Venerable Professor Dr. K.L. Dhammajoti

Venerable Professor K.L. Dhammajothi

Venerable Professor Dr. K.L. Dhammajoti is a Malaysian monk who is a renowned Buddhist scholar, especially on northern Abhidharma doctrines. He taught at the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka for 22 years, and subsequently joined the University of Hong Kong as a professor in early 2004, retiring in 2015. Presently, he is the Chair Professor at School of Philosophy, Renmin University, China, and Director of the Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong. He has published several books––including: Sarvāstivāda Abhidharma, Abhidharma Doctrine and Controversy on Perception, Reading Pāli Buddhist Texts, Reading Buddhist Sanskrit Texts––and numerous research papers on Buddhist Studies. He was also the founding editor of the Journal of Buddhist Studies of the Centre for Buddhist Studies, Sri Lanka.

Ven Dhammajoti has received several awards, fellowships, professorships and honors from universities around the world, including: “Tripiṭaka Vishārada” (1996), by the Amarapura Sri Saddhammavaṃsa Chapter of Sri Lanka; Professor of Buddhist Studies, by University of Kelaniya; “Glorious Sun (Endowed) Professorship”, by the University of Hong Kong; Chair Professorship, by the Renmin University of China; Rector Emeritus, by the International Buddhist College, Thailand.

The Venerable’s life mission is to promote the integration of Buddhist studies and praxis, and the discernment of the Buddha and his Dharma beyond sectarianism.